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Mind & Body Conditioning

We aim to share a scientifically proven technique to dismantle stress and help others live a more meaningful, purposeful, and intentional life.

“Mental Strength is the capacity that an individual has to deal effectively with the stressors, challenges, and pressure to present their best performance in spite of their circumstances.”

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We’ve created flexible options to best align with your individual practice. Whether you’re looking to learn the basic principles of meditation or gain unlimited access to a variety of classes —we’ve got a plan that can flex to meet your goals.

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With an experienced teacher you can trust

After feeling unfulfilled in her corporate jobs, Amber looked inward and found her true calling — meditation. After months of taking workshops, reading any book she could get her hands on, she decided to take it a step further and take a teacher training course with Unplug Meditation. After completing the 200-hour certification course, she began Mind Conditioning training with two-time national champions, Millard North High School Dance Team. Amber will provide guidance for all levels of practice, so you can decide what feels best for you, and is looking forward to sharing all she has learned with you.

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Let SHIFT Teams be the catalyst that allows your team to tap into their capabilities and passions under pressure and when it counts.

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What people are saying:

My daughter and I really enjoy going to meditation together. Not only do we benefit individually but it’s opened up some wonderful conversations between us. This is a life skill and I’m excited to keep practicing.

We love Mom & Me Meditation! Amber does a great job of explaining the mind and thoughts in a way both myself and my 10-year old boy can understand. Best part is he asks to go back week after week. It's really helpful!

Amber's class has inspired me to meditate! I love working out, but haven't done a ton of Pilates and this fast-paced workout is fabulous! It's the right amount of tightening, core work, intensity, and ends with a much needed, amazing meditation to kick off my day and week! Happy to have this on my calendar weekly!

Ambers pilates/yoga fusion class is a total body toning workout. She always gives alternatives if you can't do a specific move & explains what you are doing with such great detail! My favorite part is the meditation at the end... what a perfect way to honor your body at the end of a workout! Thanks SHIFT with Amber!