Semi-Private & Private Offerings For Athletes and Executives

Learn real life strategies that are backed by modern science to increase focus, concentration, productivity, motivation and also diffuse negativity and stress. We all have intense feelings and emotions that can arise at undesirable times. You will learn techniques to work through and release these emotions and come back to the center and regain your concentration and tap into your full potential and purpose. Sessions are with a trained professional in a private serene setting with no distractions or at your place of practice or work. Meditation cushions or mediation chairs with back support, optional eye coverings, and optional essential oils will be made available.

Package Options


3 pack -$200
6 pack - $400

Get everything you need in under an hour. Practice 45 minutes of a customized mat pilates session created for your skill level and designed to push and grow your strength and stamina. Each session ends with a short guided secular meditation with modern inspirational messaging. Packages can be shared and do expire 12 months after purchase date.


Individual Athletes or Small group
$ Contact Amber

Are you a Competitive Athlete looking to master your inner game? Tap into your full potential more often? SHIFT TEAMS is the missing ingredient you are needing to round out your training regimen. Work with a professional mindfulness coach throughout your season and learn emotional control, emotional regulation and optimize your ability to perform under pressure when it counts.

Join a long list of elite athletes who have enhanced their training to include mindfulness and a regular meditation practice:
Phil Nicholson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Novak Djokovic, Misty Mayor Trainor, Phil Jackson, Lebron James, and a long list of Olympic Athletes, Michael Phelps at the top. All of these highly accomplished and acclaimed athletes attribute mind training to their sustainable success.

  • Helps with focus
  • Helps cope with pain
  • Helps deal with fear
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Increases Resiliency
  • Reduces Stress
  • Helps with Emotional Control
  • Helps with Sleep
  • Helps us identity our blind spots

It is not just knowing about it, it is doing it, believing in it and making it a part of your lifestyle.
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Individual Executive or Small Team of Executives
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Are you a high level executive or seeking a high level executive position in your career and want to strengthen your mental toughness and increase emotional intelligence? Are you also an individual that is not satisfied with complacency and continuously seeking out personal growth opportunities?

SHIFT TEAMS is a 12 week mindfulness training program that helps individuals tap into their ultimate potential in the workplace and in everyday life. The physical and emotional benefits backed by modern Nuero- Science are indisputable. Learn how to practice and implement stress reduction techniques into your daily life, while increasing your focus, productivity, engagement level and emotional regulation. Be the calm, poised solution based leader you are capable of being. For more information, contact Amber Fahey at

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