It all begins with an idea.

SHIFT was created to inspire people to tap into their true potential, increase self–awareness, productivity, heighten emotional intelligence and live a more intentional, fulfilled life.

Have you ever have felt overwhelmed, stressed out, lost in thought? Ever find yourself running from place to place without actually mentally being anywhere because your mind has been hijacked by racing worries about the past or anticipation about the future? The average person has 60-80K thoughts in a day, 70% of which are non-productive and stress-inducing.


Recent neuroscience research indicates we make 15 mindless decisions a day. We are just running around on a program.

The missing ingredient to living our life in awareness and control is right here. All you need to do is devote 10 minutes a day, (the time you dedicate to a scroll of your social media) to giving your mind a much-needed time out.


SHIFT is a modern, approachable, accessible solution to providing space between our thoughts. It is a tool to dismantle stress, negativity and change the relationship we have with our thoughts. How? through meditation. I like to call it mind conditioning.

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